New Patient Exam –
Your First Appointment

Welcome to Caring Dental! We strive to provide you with a comfortable and personalised dental experience from the moment you book your appointment. Here's a step-by-step guide on what to expect:



Appointment Confirmation

Upon booking, you will receive an email confirming your appointment date and time. This email will include a link to complete your medical and dental history online at home. If you encounter any difficulty with this process, our helpful reception team can talk you through what to do. Completing these beforehand is very helpful but not to worry if you haven’t as you can do this when you arrive for your first visit but please come about 10 minutes early to allow time to complete this.


Meeting Your Dentist

When you arrive, your dentist will greet you in reception and accompany you to the treatment room where you will also meet your dental nurse.  It’s always nice to have a discussion at this stage to get to know you a little and to listen to any concerns or issues you have. Following on from this it will be helpful to have an understanding of your dental history and the reason for your visit.



The dentist will provide you with a thorough examination by visually inspecting your entire mouth. The soft tissues are first checked to make sure there isn’t anything concerning and no sign of oral cancer. You will be told how healthy your gums are and will be screened for periodontal (gum) disease. All your teeth and any restorations you have are thoroughly checked and the condition of these will be discussed and recorded. We utilise advanced intra-oral cameras to show you close up digital images from inside your mouth! These images are then saved to be able to monitor any issues over time. Additionally, an advanced 3D intra-oral scanner may be used to record a virtual set of your teeth and restorations on our hi-tech computer system. Patients love being able to see inside their mouth in a way they haven’t before!



Depending on your specific needs, your dentist may take X-rays to assess your teeth beyond what is visible. We offer different types of X-rays, including smaller ones taken in the dental room by closing gently down on a film holder for just a few seconds. These digital X-rays help detect hidden decay and examine areas between your teeth and the tooth roots. We might recommend taking a panoramic X-ray (OPG), which provides comprehensive images of your entire jaw which can provide a wealth of information. You will be asked to remove any jewelry from the neck up so it might be sensible not to wear any neck chains or ear rings at this visit! All our X-rays are digital, and your dentist will show you them along with any digital photos on large television monitors and explain their findings.



After your examination, your dentist will discuss any aspects of your oral health with you and of course answer any questions that you have. If any follow up treatment is necessary we would like you to actively participate in creating a treatment plan that suits your needs and desires. We believe in presenting you with multiple options and helping you decide what is best for you.  It is of course all about prevention and most of our patients benefit from seeing one of our excellent team of hygienists.  We are also fortunate to have a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists and it might be recommended that you see one of them for either a consultation or treatment. The decision is always yours to make, and you do not have to decide during your initial appointment.

Your dentist will also recommend for you the frequency of any examinations or hygienist visits.  Most patients prefer to join our Denplan scheme and your dentist will be able to suggest what level of cover or number of visits is most suitable for you.


Coming Back

Any treatment that is recommended or agreed with you can either be printed or sent to you by email.

Your dentist will hand you over to one of our helpful receptionists who will assist you in booking any further appointments you require, take payments, or help you sign up for Denplan. For longer treatment sessions or specialist appointments, a small deposit may be requested to secure the appointment, ensuring that valuable and in-demand slots are booked effectively.