Theo Klink

Going to the dentist has always been a stressful experience and caused  a lot of anxiety. Throughout the years I have had several different dentists, mainly because when you move, you often change dentists too and I never bonded with any particular one. 

However, since moving to Orpington over 15 years ago I have had Christopher Prange as my dentist. The stress and anxiety have evaporated, and I no longer worry about visiting the dentist. This is largely due to Chris putting me at ease through his calm and approachable manner, and by placing the patient and patient needs at the centre. Needless to say, his dental work has always been outstanding, using the latest state of the art materials and equipment.

The exciting news is that Chris is starting a new practice and I have no hesitation to state that I will be joining. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anybody looking for a ‘dentist for life.’ It is not often said but I am looking forward to seeing my dentist soon!